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Lessons Delivered Online and On-Campus

We provide lessons online, with your child not having to miss out on their education due to the COVID lockdown. Your child will be taught by fully certified teachers who have vast experience in teaching the Cambridge syllabus.elearning

Primary level learners will also be taught by highly trained primary school teachers who demonstrate a full understanding of the nuances of teaching a child via the eLearning method.

Your child also receives homework from the teacher via a dedicated online portal, where they can submit their work for the teacher to mark and provide feedback on. The lesson that your child attends online is 95% similar to what they would receive if they were in one of our brick and mortar classrooms. The 5% deficit is solely lost to the teacher not being physically present with the child/student. Their presence over our specialized online platform is, however, very close to them being with the child physically though.


What's Involved?

The online education environment that we provide for your child to learn via the internet is 100% free of threats of online abuse or distraction with games or other content that has nothing to do with their immediate learning needs.
All our faculty staff members are trained for and have valid child safeguarding certification whose training is renewed on 12-month intervals.
We deliver lessons for all classes and levels namely, primary, secondary, and high school from 0730hrs (Students' local time) until 1630hrs every day. We also provide comprehensive extra lessons, usually in the evenings, to students who may be unable to abide by the day timetable or who require extra tuition.

Full-Time Online Classroom Learning

in the comfort of your home
Study Resources for in-depth study opportunity
Handed Out & Submitted 100% online.
Hand out and collect work during an online lesson
Bus, driver, route, timetable, hostel room online
Staff detect online abuse and are trained to respond.
No restriction on device type & Operating System
Lesson timetables in student & parent portals
Textbooks available to read online
All exam types, mark sheets & reports online
Teacher monitors keyboard activity during lessons
Strictly educational content. No distractions.
Tech staff solve issues 24/7. 0% downtime.

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