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You are required to read and understand each policy before selecting YES below. If you fail to understand any of the policies, please select NO below. Submission of this form MUST only be done when all policies are read and understood fully. If you do not understand any of the content of any given policy, please ask a member of the HR team to explain it to you before you submit this form.

General Policies

Leave Policies

By submitting this form I am confirming that I've read and understood the policies listed on this document. I KNOW THAT IF I'M IN DOUBT about any of the policies, I MUST NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM but see a member of the ExpertEase HR team instead. I Hereby Confirm That I've Read & Understood ALL Policies.

Our company policies make up a very important part of our business. It is vital that everyone reads and understands each one of them. You may, therefore, be asked to sign and date this part physically at the office to verify and validate this declaration.

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