Our Complete Subjects List

Regular full-day lessons: 0800hrs and 1630hrs
Extra lessons in the evenings: 1700hrs to 2000hrs

List of Subjects

Subject NameMajorSecondary School
(Form 1 - 4)
Advanced Level
(Form 5 - 6)
English as a first LanguageYes (Compulsory)NoCambridge + ZIMSEC
Combined ScienceArts + CommercialsYesNoCambridge + ZIMSEC
Additional MathematicsScienceYesCambridge + ZIMSEC
PhysicsScienceYesYesCambridge + ZIMSEC
ChemistryScienceYesYesCambridge + ZIMSEC
BiologyScienceYesYesCambridge + ZIMSEC
MathematicsScienceYes (Compulsory)YesCambridge + ZIMSEC
GeographyScienceYes (Compulsory)YesCambridge + ZIMSEC
Computer ScienceScienceYesYesCambridge + ZIMSEC
Business EnterpriseCommercialYesYesCambridge + ZIMSEC
EconomicsCommercialYesCambridge + ZIMSEC
AccountingCommercialYesYesCambridge + ZIMSEC
StatisticsCommercialNoYesCambridge + ZIMSEC
ChiShonaYes (Compulsory)YesZIMSEC
IsiNdebeleYes (Compulsory)YesZIMSEC
Literature in EnglishArtsYesYesZIMSEC
Literature in ShonaArtsYesYesZIMSEC
Literature in NdebeleArtsYesYesZIMSEC
HistoryArtsYes (Compulsory)YesCambridge + ZIMSEC
Family & Religious StudiesArtsYesYesZIMSEC
This is the full list of the subjects that we provide lessons for via online and on-premise classes, respectively.

(Please Note: Our On-Premise learning and teaching services are closed in countries that are under the COVID lockdown. These closures will continue until the respective Governments give appropriate authorization for schools to re-open)